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Toolkit We Use

Apache Mahout

Get a distributed computing environment for the implementation of machine learning algorithms.


Build and deploy predictive engines on production with custom templates.


A cross-platform library for real-time computer vision with a support for deep learning frameworks.


Get powerful AI support on your website or application using cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms.


A high-performance software library for Machine Learning models which enables dataflow programming across different tasks.


Bring AI to your businesses through this distributed deep learning environment using Java and Scala.

AI Toolkit

Want to make your website or app smarter through AI integration? You’ve come to the right place. The Artificial Intelligence Toolkit brought to you by Oodles Technologies adds powerful AI and Machine Learning Capabilities to a wide range of web and mobile applications. With a knack of empowering AI applications across the globe, we strive to deliver value for money through our high-octane development services. Our AI Toolkit is inclusive of all the core functionalities and is apt for building smart AI models for an exceptional user experience.

AI  Services

Get the best of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence! Use our AI integration services to revamp your web and mobile apps and deliver an exceptional user experience.  

Recommendation Systems

The best way to improve your user experience is to know the likes and preferences of your customers and show them what they want to see. You can do that by using the state-of-the-art Recommendation Systems (also called recommender engines). Use our services to build high-octane recommender engines with flabbergasting features.

Computer Vision

Want to add computer vision capabilities to your website or mobile app? We’ve got you covered. With our end-to-end AI integration services, we let you spruce up your application with the revolutionary aspects of Computer Vision. We make use of the smart OpenCV algorithms and an across-the-board AI toolkit to provide an extraordinary user experience for the end-users.

Planning Solutions

Use our Planning Solutions to streamline the workflow of your business. We are pioneers in building the most fitting time and attendance modules for maintaining an efficient workflow. With our highly competent Labour Management Systems, you can easily control all the day-to-day activities of your workforce.


Let’s Work Together
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