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How AI can power already booming IOT ?

How AI can power already booming IOT ?

During the past four years, two buzzwords namely Internet Of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have picked up a lot of chatter and from the last two years, we have seen that almost all major giants are launching their own commercial IOT powered devices.

AI powers the word “Smart” in Smart Homes.

In this post, we will see how AI can power the already powered IOT devices, and for this we will dissect the concept of a smart home powered by AI.

Gone are the days when smart used to be setting up routine with simple voice commands. AI powered smart homes rely on observing patterns and behaviours there by setting up the routine automatically without us having to move an inch of a muscle.

The most important factor that truly makes the house smart is its ability to be contextually aware of its surroundings.

Let’s take an example to understand what we mean by contextual awareness. Today with the help of sensors, the smart home controller controls toggle of lights. However with the help of AI, we can make the smart home aware of the time of the day, which section of lights to be turned on/off also up until what time they need to be turned on/off.

So Contextual Awareness is all about making our home aware of its environment and act accordingly.

Another important quality that an artificially intelligent being is capable of its ability to collect and analyse the data of its surrounding so as to learn your habits and act as a perfect matchmaker for your need in the given moment. Integrating AI with a smart home not only adds a personalization attribute, not just the historical usage and can also tune your smart home to match the important criteria in how you live your life and its related sub-factor such as security, entertainment and comfort truly crafted for you, from you, by an artificially intelligent being.

Integrating any AI powered visual recognition system enhances the overall security of the smart home. Not only the lock is capable of automatically locking doors when you leave behind, it smartly knows when you’re just mowing your lawn and when you are actually out. With the advent of a visual recognition system, not only we automate a process, we make it learn from the surrounding of when and how an automated process should behave.

Apart from security, another environmental and a cost efficient factor that AI integration provides is Energy and Cost management. With the advent of context learning as mentioned in the above paragraph, contextual learning can really make more efficient power switching based on the environment hence playing an important role in energy conservation.

Concluding this post, the advent of AI in smart homes will play an integral part in shaping the future of IOT and drive the missing gap that existed before between humans and IOT. As describe in above paragraphs, AI can play an important role in integrating several factors that can redefine the word Smartin Smart Homes.