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About Us

We're the fastest growing digital technology company.

What We Do

Oodles Technologies is committed towards its mission to deliver avant-garde AI integration services to the business oriented websites and mobile applications. We have a knack for providing the unrivaled AI solutions at the most competent rates. With ample of experience and an extensive portfolio, we have carved our niche in this domain. Over the years, we have successfully delivered several big projects for leading tech groups and organizations from across the globe.

Oodles Technologies is known for its competency and unmatched expertise in creating flabbergasting applications using state-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We follow an ultra-modern approach for delivering quality-driven results to our clients at the best market rates.


Recommendation Engines

We build top-notch recommendation engines for different application platforms and websites. We have an unmatched development expertise in Recommendation System app development.

Computer Vision

We have been working on this technology from the very beginning and we have powered numerous applications with open CV computer vision technology.

Planning Solutions

We provide world-class planning solutions to streamline the workflow and and business operations of a company. Use our services to track all the day-to-day activities of your workforce.